Magnify Imago Dei.

Illuminate Dignity.

The Dignity Effect

"Educate people to relate, to listen, to help people become themselves." - Jean Vanier

the God-given intrinsic worth in each one of us that cannot be taken away


I'm on a mission... shine a bright light on our common humanity. help people live with graciousness towards each other. encourage choosing heartbravery over self-protection. teach you to embrace intrinsic worth FIRST - in yourself and in others.

Through Life Coaching, Facilitation, & Motivational Speaking

Hi. I'm Nya, your Dignity Ambassador

"Image of God",  is applied uniquely to humanity, making each of us image bearers of our Divine Creator

To have authentic, deep connections in your relationships?

To experience innovative and caring teamwork?

For clarity and guidance on living into your uniqueness?

To learn to be an engaged, servant leader?



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    ...then you've come to the right place.


    If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, consider the broad and relevant topic of dignity. I can motivate your attendees by focusing on topics such as:

    The uniqueness brought to a space by diversity and inclusion

    The power of storytelling to clients

    Empathy's transformative power at work and family

    Are you looking to create authentic connection with others and yourself? Do you find yourself stuck trying to embrace self-love and empathy? Do you struggle building supportive community? Consider coaching to realize your own dignity and deepen connection in your relationships.

    Workshops and training are a great way to engage groups with new ideas and ways to engage. Some workshop topics include:

    Staff and Team Development

    Youth and Parent Engagement

    Creating Social Emotionally Supportive Programs

    Relationship Improvement

    Biblically-based Spiritual Freedom








    Why Me?

    In my own journey through various mental illness and emotional challenges as well as working with families, youth, people in recovery and mentoring in the workplace, I have found that there is something we forget about ourselves and others on a regular basis. Our value gets buried under all the other things we define ourselves by. I have gone through my own journey to dignity which you can read about on Medium here, and I want to help YOU start yours!


    I have coached, trained, and presented on engaging our dignity in faith-based, vocational, and community spaces.

    I would love to bring the message of dignity to you and your group!