Magnify Imago Dei.

Illuminate Dignity.

The Dignity Effect

"Educate people to relate, to listen, to help people become themselves." - Jean Vanier

The Dignity Effect

I've got a quick "quiz" for you to see where you are at on the dignity meter.

On a scale of 1-5(1 being meh and 5 being 100% YEP...)


1. How fully are you able to forgive yourself?

2. Are you enough right now, as is?

3. Do you leave room for yourself to rest and play regularly without guilt?

4. Your yeses mean yes and your nos mean no.

5. You are comfortable in your own skin.


If you're tally gives you a low number, it means you have space to grow in honoring your own dignity - which is a great place to start! For many of use, recognizing and holding our dignity as priority is something we have to learn and then practice. There are many things in life that "teach" us we don't have value or our basic worth is conditional.


If you're tally puts you on the high end, consider yourself a #DignityCheerleader ! The thing about dignity is if you see it in yourself, the "effect" isn't really accomplished until you honor it in others as well. How do you honor the dignity of others? Are there certain people it's difficult for you to this with? 


The Journey to Dignity - First Steps

A few tips to get on or continue your journey to dignity:

  • Journal, journal, journal! I you are brand new to journalling, I encourage you to think about and express your feelings(see below for helpful feelings-resources). Honor our emotions and getting curious about them instead of judgemental(shout out to Dr. Brene Brown) is a great way to honor some foundational parts of your own humanity.
  • Talk it out. Find a trusted friend, a therapist, a safe community to get honest and vulnerable. Allowing others to be kind to you - especially the parts of you that you don't typically honor - is a perfect way to learn to be kind to yourself.
  • Have Fun. Why so serious? Yes emotional intelligence is a serious topic but you are a multi-dimensional being. Give yourself space to breathe, play, enjoy, and laugh. If your worth is tied up in performance or perfectionism, this can be an antidote(albeit an uncomfortable one at first) to not feeling like you deserve to enjoy life at its present state.

Do you do dignity?

Great, but what's the Goal?

At the center are core emotions, what we usually can say fairly easily. As you go out from the center, the emotions get more specific and accurate.


For example, you may be able to easily identify when you are mad, but do you know when you feel hurt or jealous?

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I need help with all of this!


Or better yet, what's the point of the writing and talking and laughing? Remember, dignity is the God-given, intrinsic worth and value that each one of us carries and it cannot be taken away. The problem that I've found is that people don't recognize their own dignity, let alone others. The evidence of that is in their inner life: their thoughts, feelings, and internal storytelling. To help you realize dignity, we have to start first with making you aware of your inner life and see what needs to be challenged so you can start aligning with your own dignity. It's in there. It may be covered up, ignored, or forgotten. But it's there. 

Great! I'm here to help walk you through this, your Journey to Dignity. Get in touch with me so we can get started: